1. RG59 coaxial cable

With a structure consisting of many small strands of twisted-pair copper together, it provides flexibility for the cable, so this is a coaxial cable used for CCTV in elevators, often used for analog cameras.

2. RG6 coaxial cable

Coaxial cable is an electrical cable with a conductive core encased by an electrically conductive, electrically conductive layer surrounded by a metal braided layer, the outermost of which is an insulating cover. It is used for Baseband with proximity signal transmission distance, often used as a cable branch to transmit CCTV data, connecting indoor TV equipment.

3. Coaxial cable with power cord

This is a cable that combines 2 cables together. 1 cable is RG59 coaxial cable or RG6, another is double power cable with one for signal transmission, one for camera power transmission. Convenient installation, time-saving cost.

4. Dedicated optical cable camera

The optical fiber is a type of telecom cable made of glass or plastic, using light to transmit signals. Long, thin fiber optic components of transparent glass equal to the diameter of a hair. They are arranged in bundles called fiber optic cables and are used to transmit signals at great distances.

Classification: 2 core, 4 core, 8 core

5. Types of network cables

In addition to dedicated cables for cameras, network cables such as network cables CAT5E, CAT6, ... are also widely used on the market today. These network cables also provide clear and beautiful image quality for users.

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