Stemming from the reason that customers do not understand the product of optical fiber patch cord, do not find out carefully before buying goods, thinking that any optical fiber patch cord is the same, cheap is okay, plugging in any type can be used up, ...


All of these disastrous misunderstandings lead to the purchase of unusable, lost money, lost work, and time-consuming. And these products in stores often do not have the policy of exchange and pay, take time to thoroughly research the product to buy, buy the right product you need.


So this lesson will help you better understand each type of optical fiber patch cord as well as the application of each type.


1. There are more types of optical jumper than you think


In the past, people used mainly copper cable, the cable used to transmit the main signal is CAT5E, CAT6 made of copper or aluminum metal.


But now, fiber optic cables have almost replaced all copper cables, and appear everywhere with internet installations.


And in a fiber optic network, it is indispensable for the optical jumper to connect other devices to each other.


There are 4 most common types of connector of optical fiber patch cord equipment including:


SC: also known as the big square head, this type is most commonly found in all types of media converters, optical converter or devices such as optical modems in your own family.


LC: also known as the small square head, it is smaller in size than the first half of SC, is widely used and almost standard when using SFP optical module.


FC: the name of the village is the swirling head, like the swirling light bulb, this type has an iron head, connected by plugging and screwing on the gene, this type of connector is often used when connecting types of optical video converter, video to optical converter in surveillance camera system and some other devices.


ST: Another name is a round head, like an electric ball with a swirling ball and a tuck. This type is now less used and is often found in older devices.


To finalize: The first thing you need to consider when choosing an optical fiber patch cord is to connect the connector, if you choose the wrong one, of course, it will not plug into your device! Remember there are the 4 most basic and commonly used heads: SC-LC - FC - ST respectively: Large square - Small square - Swirl Round – Round Spines.


2. Types of optical fiber patch cord


If it is with CAT5E, CAT6 copper cable network, it is still perfectly fine with a normal network. But with optical fiber patch cord, it depends largely on fiber optic cable and fiber-optic devices to fiber optic cable.


Optical jumper wire basically has 2 main types: Single Mode patch cord and Multimode patch cord.


Single Mode patch cord (SM)


Single Mode patch cord is used as a connector between optical links, connecting between ODF boxes (Optical Distribution Box), or between optical transmission devices together.


The characteristic color of this type of Single Mode patch cord is Bright Yellow.


Multimode patch cord (MM)


Multimode patch cord is used to connect signal conversion devices using MM standard together including optical Conveter converter, ODF optical distribution box, optical module, ...


Multimode patch cord has many different types, however the most common use is:


OM2 optical patch cord has a characteristic color of Orange.


OM3 optical patch cord has a characteristic color of Green.


OM4 optical patch cord has a characteristic color of Blue or Purple.


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