According to CNET, EE defeated other rivals to become the first carrier to bring 5G Internet service to UK customers. Thus, EE and Verizon and Swisscom were the first three operators to commercialize 5G.


Internet 5G is the succession of 4G with high speed allowing users to experience new things. From self-driving cars to smart houses, it is possible to connect seamlessly through 5G. For most users, EE's 5G promises to bring extremely fast network speeds.


But 5G was initially only available in the most crowded places in cities with this service. Elsewhere, users will still use the old 4G network. Therefore, CNET thinks that it is not necessary to upgrade 5G at this time.


For ordinary users, early 5G upgrade does not bring value because the connection is not really seamless. This moment makes the network stand in front of great difficulties. In the media, the 5G network speed is being advertised. But in fact, the results of speed are only shown in a few places. Therefore, users can hardly experience 5G seamlessly.


Kester Mann, an analyst at CCS Insight, thinks EE is not the first company to have a 5G license. In the UK, Vodafone is expected to launch its own 5G network in early July. Meanwhile, O2 and Three will be ready for 5G later this year. A time difference is not too big.


However, being the first carrier to upgrade 5G also offers several advantages. "Being the first operator to have 5G helps maintain the leading position when you have technology transition," Qualcomm president Cristiano Amon said in an interview with CNET at EE's London launch event. last week.


"You will always have the first advantage. Not only because you have the learning and the technology, but you also move faster to bring it to perfection. At the same time you soon understand the circumstances that happen and provide value proposition to your customers, "Amon added.


Some Chinese firms including Xiaomi, Oppo and OnePlus have been preparing to launch widely in Europe at the time of 5G. Among the three largest phone carriers (Samsung, Apple, Huawei), only Samsung entered this market with Galaxy S10 5G model from Vodafone and EE.


Meanwhile, Apple is absent from the 5G game because by 2020 the company plans to launch this connected product. As for Huawei, recent political events have forced it to stop in the 5G race in Europe.


"Don't rush to upgrade 5G, there will be plenty of time for that. Operators will not cover 5G for hundreds of thousands of people before 2020. They need a long process to improve," Mann estimates.

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